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Delivery Terms

  1. Freight or delivery is not included on the order, it will be arranged by Hoskit or Manufacturer or Customer. If customer chooses Hoskit or Manufacturer to organize the delivery, extra cost of freight will be applied. Costs are varied by distance and location of destination. However, End Users can do the pick up by themselves if they have a nominated carrier company.
  1. The delivery of goods are at the risk of the end user and Hoskit is not liable for any loss and damage to the goods, including caused by, occurring during or arising directly or indirectly out of any packaging, loading, unloading, handling, removal assembly, erection or storage of the goods.
  1. Hoskit is not liable for any claims of mis-delivery, delay in delivery, loss or damage of the goods. Please be advised that there will be extended delivery times incurred by unexpected circumstances and customer should accept and pay for the Goods notwithstanding late delivery.
  1. All the delivery is only a door to door service and customer is responsible to move the goods into their premises. Any additional carriage charges which are caused by an aborted delivery including waiting time and turning away a consignment are the customer’s responsibility.
  1. Customer is responsible to advise if there is a necessity of using tailgate to unload the goods. Hoskit is not liable to any additional charge for tailgate service if the customer did not request.
  1. Delivery is only to metro areas. To find out which areas are on the destination listing, please contact Hoskit for information.
  1. Customer is picking from the manufacturer’s warehouse, please ensure to have a sufficient size of vehicle to collect the order. Warehouse staff reserves the right to refuse any vehicle that is not fit to transport the goods safely.